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Hey guys I am Reno, 18 from Australia, I live in the beautiful state of Queensland. This blog is just things that I like or of my interest, I am a geek at heart I play games and love movies and music and games. P.S. The best show ever made was Breaking Bad... thanks

P.P.S. Send me messages or in boxing with absolutely anything from crying for help to "I love you Reno" because well I love you too :)

P.P.P.S If you have steam and want to play find me under


"Booker, are you afraid of god?" by RIC3CRI5PIE
1. September 2014


Mainly looking for
Game Grumps
Doctor who
And such as related
Even if you’re just a funny blog I’ll check you out man
Please reblog if you post stuff like this and post regularly!
Not following dead blogs sorry x


it always ends like this: a collection for the doomed and the damned (bioshock series fanmix)
down with the fallen starset |  too young to die panic! at the disco | the run and go twenty one pilots | youth daughter | heart’s a mess goyte | in all my dreams i drown jessica lowndes and terrance zdunich | st james infirmary duke ellington | lost cause imagine dragons | mexico the staves | exile (vilify) the national | echo jason walker |let there be morning the perishers | run to you pentatonix | will the circle be unbroken troy baker and courtnee draper 

Yeah  :D 
some Bioshock again : 3
» i can´t draw guns XD

They had a photoshoot setup at the con and it was magical, hoping to take more with my dad soooon


freshmen year:

senior year:


The internet today, in light of the massive nude photo leak.